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Aerial Application Service Areas

As displayed in the above map, we are certified for aerial application in the following states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois and Indiana. As we continue to grow our business and our customer base, we will seek certification in other states as well.

Management and Delivery Service Areas

Although we are certified for aerial application only in the aforementioned states, we can provide a variety of our other services in a greater area. As discussed on the "Services" page, we actively operate our business across state borders and even national borders. As a part of our Aircraft Management Service, we have flown customers to and from states within the United States, such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania; additionally, we have also flown customers to and from various countries in the Caribbean, including the Bahamas.

Organization Memberships

   National Agricultural Aviation Association                                       South Carolina Aviation Assocation

   http://www.agaviation.org/                                                               https://scaaonline.com/                                 

​   North Carolina Agricultural Aviation Association                             South Carolina Mosquito Control Association

​   http://www.ncagaviation.com/                                                          http://www.scmca.net/

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